7 Deadly Sins Volume. 2: The Resurrection

Dope Reign Productions
Release: 2010
Track Listing:
1.Bad Mind - Intro
2.V Sinizter - Return Of The King
3.Sianide ft.Hopsin - Let It Go
4.Cap One - Vomit
5.Swoop ft.Grossiss - Devil Days
6.The J. Hexx Project - Fuck Your Name
7.Monsta Squad ft.Chamber - Euthanized
8.Stitch Mouth - Gallery Of Silent Faces
9.Torchur - Devils Night
10.Dosia Demon ft.Dego Locc - Killing Fields
11.KGP - Cellar Bitch
12.Bad Mind - My Hell
13.Aeons Old ft.Jason Porter - Morbid Affliction
14.KidCrusher - Crybaby (Stir Crazy Remix)
15.Q Strange - Saw U
16.Swoop ft.Mars - Dangerous
17.Ressurrector - Keepin It Horror
18.Bloodshot - The One
19.2 Sins - Look Into My Eyes
20.Bob E. Nite - Min Lost

7 Deadly Sins Volume. 1: The First Demonstration

Uprising Records
Release: 2003
Track Listing:
1.Majik Duce, Ensizon and II Rel - Meet Your Destiny
2.Bloodshot - Bloodys Comin For You
3.Cashroll Criminalz - Get Me Thru Tha Pain
4.Diz - Watch The Smoke
5.Bliss ft. Caynine - Babbalin
6.JPD - Dont Fuck Around
7.Marazmus ft.Airamiss - Save You
8.Kryptik - Deadly Sins
9.Midwest Suspex - Project Pimpin
10.Grossis - Still A Sick Fuck
11.Southend 2.10 ft.Big Brian - We Past That
12.Q Strange - 2 Strange
13.Menacide ft. II Rel - U Gonna Know
14.Castro The Savage - Devils Daughter
15.Reaktion ft.Bloodshot - Rumble
16.CrakD - Gone Too Long
17.Mars - Untouchable
18.Skeptyk ft.CrakD and Swoop
19.Phantazm II ft.Shy One - Until I Last

Wicked Wisconsin Presents: Worse than Hell

Wicked Wisconsin
Release: 2009
Track Listing:
2.The DRP - You Cant Fuck with Me
3.Dark Half - the Ones You Hate
4.Tha Morgue - Keep it Killa
5.The DRP and Maniax - Throw Yo Dubs in Tha Air
6.Basick - 6 Feet Deep
7.Handz Onn and Toe-Tag of Tha Morgue - Wicked Wi
8.Lunacy 333 - I Cant Let it Go
9.Mofoley and Maniax - the Bum Song
10.Nightmarez on Milwaukee St. - Born in Sin Again
11.Psycho Civilian - Burning in Hell
12.Genoside of Dark Half - What I Cant Have
13.Dark Half, Maniax and Hannibal Lectur - Murda Shit
14.Rick Dogg and Mars - Gin and Juice 2009
15.Outbreak Monkey and Mr. Green - the Name is
16.Colt 45 - Dark Side
17.Mofoley and MDS - They Keep on Knockin
18.Nightmarez on Milwaukee St. - Pass the Mic

When theres no More Room in Hell Volume. 1 (2CD)

SugarDaddy Productions
Release: 2006
Track Listing:
1.Danny Diablo - Bloodshed Part.
2 Ft. Big Left, Danny Diablo and Ceekay
2.Lawst - Maniak 3.Ric-Lo-X - Life of Misery
4.Jason Porter and Intrinzik - Zombiestyle
5.Dead Creeps Orchestra - Times Up
6.Wofpac - Always Forever
7.Geistweb What See What Get Ft. Provokal
8.Grave Plott - Ghetto Terrorists
9.True High Class - Ladylike
10.Q Strange - Slap Dat Hoe
11.Ruthless - Amalgamation
12.Q-Ball - Ralph Macchio Memoirs Ft. Eddie Cheddar
13.Lo Key - When Theres No More
14.Brainsick - Armageddon Ft. Jaronimo
15.Big B and the Dirtball - Check Royalty
16.Havok - Underground Sound
17.Playaz Lounge Crew - Coat Tails
18.Purgatory Bound - Welcome to Purgatory
19.Dr. Gigglez - Soul to Take
20.Vanilla Ice - Survivor
1.V Sinizter - Silent Hill X
2.M-Theory - Vengeance is Mine
3.Bawston Strangla - Wheres Ya God Now
4.I-45 - 2 or 3 Steps
5.Dieabolik - Now U Live Ft. Madman
6.Claas - Edicius
7.Professor Fresh - B.O.R. 2 Blood Smear
8.X-Breed - Audition 101
9.Dinerologic - Were All Dead
10.L.U. Cipha - Dark Side of Earth
11.J Reno the Sadist - the Sadist
12.Madhouse Clique - Story of A Crook
13.Scum - Smell Their Fear
14.Stitchez - Love After Death
15.Guttamind - All I Know is Hate
16.Troubled Mindz - One Day
17.Delusional - Trust Issue
18.Defekt - the Window

Horrorcore Mixtape 2008: Welcome to Hell

E2DaP Productions
Release: 2008
Track Listing:
1.Epitaph, Soulja Priests, Zhou and Grewsum - Swagger Like Us
2.Sullen Mc, Epitaph and Skeptyk - Back Down
3.Skeptyk, Renigade and Swoop - Out Law
4.Epitaph, Soulja Priests and Alhazred - this is Why Im Wicked
5.Sullen MC, Rone Bone and Sewerside - Hellbent
6.Epitaph, Zhou and Mishap - Paparazzi
7.Skeptyk and Renigade - it Dont Matter
8.Epitaph, Outbreak Monkey, Ahlazred, H8trid and Zhou - Party Like A Monster
9.Alhazred, Epitaph and Mishap - Perfect Execution
10.Skeptyk Ft. Lil B - Throw A Freestyle (RIP Lil B)
11.Alhazred Ft. Epitaph - Morbid Savage
12.Skeptyk, Renigade and Creech - Dead Wrong
13.Renigade. Epitaph and 13 Amp - More Human than Human
14.Beastman Ft. Random Shots - Death Slumbers
15.Swoop - Horrorcore Legends

The Formation of the Cult Compilation

Rigormortis Records
Release: 2001
Track Listing:
1.Intro (Radio Commercial)
2.Inno C - Im Back
3.Hospital H - Autistikillaz
4.B.U.D. - Cut Up
5.JB Ft. Kannibalistik and BAD Mind - Executioner Style
6.Repulse Ft. Inno C - Secretz
7.Sedition Ft. Jim Reaper - Funeral Feast
8.Defekt Ft. Kannibalistik - Blackout
9.BAD Mind - Worship
10.Kannibalistik Ft. Bruce B - Fuck it All
11.Sadist - Chosen One
12.Almighty Kaine Kings - High Like this
13.Numbskullz - Demented and Dielirious
14.Kannibalistik - H.A.T.E.
15.Bruce B Tha Hustla - Anybody Killa
16.Jim Reaper - Visionz

Prozak - Tales from the Sick and Tech N9ne - Killer Sampler

Strange Music
Release: 2008
Track Listing:
2.Prozak - Run Away
3.Prozak - Go to Hell (Snip)
4.Prozak - It Was You (Snip)
5.Prozak - Bombs Away (Snip)
6.Prozak - Scapegoat (Snip)
7.Prozak - Why (Snip)
8.Prozak - Keep Grindin
9.Tech N9ne - Everybody Move
10.Tech N9ne - Crybaby (Snip)
11.Tech N9ne - Shit is Real (Snip)
12.Tech N9ne - Hope for A Higher Power (Snip)
13.Tech N9ne - One Good Time (Snip)
14.Tech N9ne - Why You Aint Call Me? (Snip)
15.Tech N9ne - Drill Team

Serial Killin Records and Killmusick.com Presents: Placenta The Afterbirth of KGP (A KGP Tribute)

Serial Killin Records/Killmusick
Release: 2008
Track Listing:
2.Greiver - Killmusick
3.Scum Ft. Insane Poetry - Conversatan
4.Razor Ruckus - Unnatural Death
5.Defekt - Bloody Night
6.Team Death - Pray to the Ungod
7.Lyssa Cer - Scarz
8.Syniister - Thou Shall Now
9.Xcess - in the Name of the Ungod
10.Project Sin - We Kill We Rape
11.Swoop - KGP
12.S.G. Horror - Hearsez Cursez
13.Bad Mind Ft. Sicktanick - Dead Messiah
14.Dismembered Fetus - Shut Eye
15.Our Kind Productions - Look
16.Guttamind - in this Hell
17.Junction Omega - the Omega Mix
18.Vect - Religious Bitches
19.F2H - Blame it on Killmusick
20.The Prequel - Hatred
21.Red Dawn - Turn Up the Heat
23.Bonus Track

Nitemare Before X-Mas Show

Release: 2006
Track Listing:
1.Autopzy - on Ya Knees Ft. T-Trash
2.Ajax - Turn it to Dust
3.Joet Staxxx - Whut You Know Ft. T-Trash (Remix)
4.Talent - Here Comes Talent
5.Edo the Assassin - Advocate the Hate
6.Original Records 057 - Ho Ho Ho
7.Too Phat - Coast Witcha Bump
8.CK - Draggin on December
9.Holocaust - Pestillence
10.Defekt - Were Here to Stay
11.Whyteface - Chris Kringle Single
12.T-Trash - Paying My Dues
13.Silent Killa - Garden of Death
14.Autopzy - Militans Mindz Ft. Bloodshot
15.Unknown Artist - Unknown Track

Necro Presents: Brutality Part 1

Psycho+Logical Records
Release: 2003
Track Listing:
1.Necro - Im Your Idol
2.Goretex - Dopesick Ft. Necro
3.Ill Bill - Reign in Blood Ft. Necro
4.Mr. Hyde - Street Veteran Ft. Necro
5.Ill Bill - Swordfish
6.Necro - Anguish and Agression
7.Goretex - the Big Sleep
8.Necro and Ill Bill - White Slavery
9.Goretex - Scumbags Ft. Necro
10.Necro and Ill Bill - Frank Zito
11.Ill Bill - Our Life Ft. Necro
12.Necro - Morbid Shit
13.Necro - Every Second Someone Dies
14.Necro - Fire
15.Necro - Talking Shit
16.Necro - Watch Ya Toes
17.Goretex - the Big Sleep (Remix)

Murder House Records Presents: Hell on Earth

Murder House Records
Release: 2006
Track Listing:
2.Wolfpact Nation - Hell on Earth
3.Demonic, TC and Stitchez - Blood Reign
4.The Downriver Rat - Times Up
5.Mental Ward - the Evil
6.Gmac - Im Comin
7.Wayne Dub - Somebodys Gonna Die Tonight
8.Troubled Mindz - Hellz Takeover

Murder House Records: Murder Mob Sampler

Murder House Records
Release: 2007
Track Listing:
didnt come with any art work or tracklist!

Infared Muzic Presents: The Incursion Sampler

Infared Muzic
Release: 2006
Track Listing:
1.Autopzy - on Ya Knees Ft. T-Trash
2.Autpozy - She Fuck Like A Banshee
3.Joey Staxxx - When We Hit the Club (Snippit)
4.Joey Staxxx - Whut You Know Ft. T-Trash (Snippit)

Hard Gore Entertainment Presents: Murder Mass

Hard Gore Entertainment
Release: 2008
Track Listing:
2.Killfuck - Slasherz
3.Killfuck - Murder Mass
4.S.G. Horror Ft. B Loco and Killfuck - Flesh Fest
5.S.G. Horror and Vyce - Mass Murder
6.The Prequel - Exorcism
7.Illuminati - Terrorists
8.The Prequel - First Offering Sampler
9.Horrorvision - Horrorvision Sampler

Hard Gore Entertainment Presents: The Tea Party

Hard Gore Entertainment
Release: 2009
Track Listing:
1.Madd Maxxx - Roll Wit Me
2.Madd Maxxx - Not Gona Stop Today
3.Killfuck - Toy Box
4.Killfuck - Punch4punch
5.Infinitti - 666 Steps to Hell
6.Infinitti - LSD
7.Widescream - Bomb Hollywood
8.Widescream - Bit Parts
9.Project Red - Tha Sickness
10.Project Red - Shadowville
11.Double S - Walk with the Wicked
12.Double S - Pure World Hate
13.Fatal Dose - Snuff Show
14.Fatal Dose - Unknown Track

E2DaP Records Sampler

E2DaP Records
Release: 2009
Track Listing:
1.E2dap - She Devilicious
2.UHC - Super Mario (Weedmix)
3.Epitah - Club Banger
4.Epitah - Pozz Tha Nation
5.Beastman - Night of the Beast
6.Beastman - Delirium Fantasy
7.Sullen MC - the Plague
8.Sullen MC - Full Moon Bloom

American Riff Raff: The Real Underground Sampler One

Release: 2007
Track Listing:
1.Mcnastee - Keep Sayin My Name
2.Mcnastee - Respect Life
3.Mcnastee Ft. Shy One - Killmatic the Suffering
4.Shy One - Reactions
5.Shy One - Never Forget
6.Shy One - Eibon
7.Big Slack - Big Slack's Diddy
8.Big Slack - Big Sleaze
9.Big Slack - Summer 05'
10.Lavey - I Kill
11.Lavey - Goin for Broke
12.Lavey - They All Deserve to Die
13.Lavey - Let it Go

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